Bananalama are able to successfully create a lawn for you from any soil condition or location. With good preparation , your lawn will flourish.


Lawn laying process:


  • For laying new lawns - preparation is everything!
  • Get rid of old roots and weed species
  • Dig out old soil and add new quality topsoil (minimising weed species). The depth of soil is extremely important, and we make sure your lawn gets the right base
  • Lay the lawn – either hydroseeding, manual old school seeding, or ‘ready lawn’ 


Difficult cases:



Challenge Solution
Steep banks, slopes, and hard to access areas We can hold or glue back by hydroseeding
Winter Typically isn’t the season for creating lawns, but hydroseeding gives us the capability to do this
Dry conditions We can apply irrigation



This property above is located on a beachfront. The challenge was to successfully grow a lush green grass in this salt environment. Excavation of sand to a depth of 200mm then replaced with a good quality clay based soil allowed this lawn to flourish.





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